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Is the shaver manual or automatic ?

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Manual razors have been around for ages, and you surely know how to use them. While they are not the fastest, these blades are easier to control and can achieve as close a shave as you need, want, or prefer. On the other hand, electric razors have only started popping out in many bathrooms in recent years. Tons of people are huge fans, though, and thus begin the debate on whether to get an electric or manual razor.

The Differences Between An Electric Razor And a Manual Razor

Before you decide which one of which to choose, you might want to understand the differences between the two. First of all, manual razors can be one of many things, from straight razors, cartridges, disposables, and safety razors. Whatever type you choose, you will most likely end up with a closer shave, which is why they are perfect for certain parts of the body like under the chin.

On the other hand, electric razors fall under two types, foil or rotary shaver. The biggest difference between these handheld devices is that they do not cut hair as quickly as manual shavers, removing hair slowly mainly to avoid cutting skin.

If you are deciding whether to make the jump to electric razor (since most men start with the manual) or if you are contemplating which is better, then read on.

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