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What are the advantages of facial brush?

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Facial brush is a new cleansing tool in recent years, which is called "facial artifact".


  • What is the function of facial brush?

  • What are the advantages of using facial brush?


What is the function of facial brush?

1. Current and electric pulse mode: Micro-current pulse modulation technology is adopted to exert effects on human skin, meridians and acupoints to achieve the purposes of tightening skin, removing wrinkles and beautifying skin.

2. Micro-vibration mode: Mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation are adopted to tighten human skin, increase its elasticity and enhance the metabolism of skin cells.

3. Irradiation modes of various colors of light: use different action mechanisms of various colors of light on skin tissues to improve human skin condition. Methods of raising body temperature: equipment is used to raise body temperature and accelerate metabolism, which represents wax dissolving machine and red light irradiation instrument.

4. Microwave equipment: Microwave can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissues, and drive cells to shrink to achieve beauty and skin tightening. Vacuum adsorption type: The special adsorption tool used in the equipment acts on human skin, sucks up human skin by vacuum, and achieves the functions of squeezing, massaging and moving along with the wandering action of the tool on the body, which can realize detoxification, skin tightening and increase the vitality of tissues and cells.

5. Laser therapy: using the heat energy of laser to destroy the epidermal cells of skin, which is mainly used for removing spots, moles, and eliminating Wu Zi, scabies and boils.

What are the advantages of using facial brush?

1. Remove blackheads and shrink pores. Blackheads are formed by oxidation of grease blocked in pores, and the deep cleaning ability of facial brush can remove grease from pores and keep them clean. Blackheads will naturally decrease and pores will become fine.

2. Acne removal. Whether facial brush can remove acne depends on the causes of acne formation. There are two main reasons for acne, one is internal cause, that is, endocrine cause, such as acne in adolescence, and the other is external cause. Like blackheads, cleaning is not in place and pores are blocked. For acne caused by endocrine, it is also necessary to do a good job of cleaning, but this plays an auxiliary role. If you want to cure the symptoms, you must also combine internal adjustment; For acne caused by pore blockage, facial brush can play an effective role.

3. Whitening. Whether facial brush can whiten skin also varies from person to person. If you are born with yellow and black skin color, it doesn't have much effect to change your skin color by facial brush. If your skin color is black and yellow due to external reasons such as air pollution and long-term computer exposure, facial brush can play a certain role, because incomplete cleaning is one of the important reasons for dull complexion, and facial brush can improve dull complexion after deep cleaning.

4. Removing spots. The use of facial brush can keep pores clean and smooth, and the massage function of facial brush can also prevent pigment deposition, thus playing a certain role in preventing the formation of color spots. For pigmentation floating on the surface skin, insisting on using facial brush can dilute it.


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