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What are the types of shavers?

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shavers can be divided into three types according to their structure: safety shavers, electric shavers and mechanical shavers.

  •  What's the classification of shavers?

  •  What's the difference between electric shaver batteries?

What's the classification of shavers?

Safety shaving knife: It consists of a blade and a hoe-shaped knife rest. The tool holder is made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper or plastic; The blade is made of stainless steel and carbon steel. For sharpness and durability, the cutting edge is coated with metal or chemical.

Electric shaver: The electric shaver consists of stainless steel mesh cover, inner blade, micro motor and shell. The net cover is a fixed outer blade, which has many holes through which the beard can extend. The micro-motor is driven by electric energy, which drives the inner blade to move. By using the shearing principle, the beard extending into the hole is cut off. Electric shavers can be divided into rotary type and reciprocating type according to the movement characteristics of inner blades. The power sources used include dry batteries, storage batteries and AC charging.

Mechanical shaver: The mechanical energy storage mechanism is used to drive the blade to shave beard. There are two types, one is equipped with a rotator, which uses a spring to store energy. When the spring is released, the rotator rotates at a high speed to drive the blade to shave; The other is equipped with a gyroscope with a pull wire wrapped around it. When the pull wire is pulled, the gyroscope drives the blade to shave.

What's the difference between electric shaver batteries?

1. Dry battery power supply

Most shavers powered by dry batteries need two No.5 batteries, and their general working life is not too short. Compared with shaver products with lithium batteries, the battery life is much longer.

Advantages: The shaver powered by dry battery is very convenient to use, the battery is replaced when there is no electricity, and the voltage output is stable, so there are no problems such as aging, voltage drop and complicated replacement of lithium battery.

Disadvantages: The main problem is the use cost. Although shaver products powered by dry batteries also save electricity, in the long run, the cost of power supply is still higher than that of built-in lithium battery products. In addition, this kind of products can't guarantee waterproof, and most of them can't be washed, so it's best not to use them when taking a bath.

2. Built-in lithium battery power supply

shavers with built-in lithium batteries are basically designed with non-replaceable batteries, and they can be charged with the charger when they are out of power, so they are also called rechargeable shavers. These products are increasingly replacing shaver products powered by dry batteries.

Advantages: First of all, there is almost no use cost. Except for the products whose batteries need to be replaced after charging and discharging times, there is no use cost during the use period, and those electricity charges are almost negligible. Secondly, the lithium battery has almost no memory effect, and users can charge it as they use it.

Disadvantages: The built-in lithium battery is not replaceable. If the user doesn't pay attention to the remaining power, it's very inconvenient to lose power when shaving halfway. In addition, due to the increase of service life of lithium batteries, the shaving effect is greatly reduced.

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