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What are the use scenarios of manicure set?

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Nail clippers are our daily necessities, everyone has them, every family has them, and everyone can use them. However, if we want to fully use its functions, we can achieve the synchronization of nail cutting and manicure, and make a pair of beautiful nails.

l How to use manicure set?

l What is the development history of manicure set?

l What's the use of manicure sets?

How to use manicure set?

The most common function of nail clippers is to cut the mouth. This cut is responsible for cutting off long nails. After nail cutting, the interface part of each knife has burrs, which makes it easy to hang hairs. It will make you feel uncomfortable. Turn the scissors 90 degrees, and the cutting edge is facing the nail. You can scratch it with the cutting edge.

Some nail clippers are equipped with setback knives separately, and some are on the back of the nail clipper platen. Use this file to make the cut down again, and it will be smooth.

Some files also have kicking knives, which can kick off the dust in the fingernails.

What is the development history of manicure set?

The inventor was an American named Voss Foucault Kiel.

In 1930s, the manicure set was a collection of eyebrow clips, scissors, nail clippers, nail file, foot file, beauty clippers, finger clippers, glass file and other gadgets, which greatly facilitated people's daily needs. By 1950s, nail suits had become popular in the upper class of Europe. With the development of society and the progress of hardware industry, nail suits are popular all over the world.

In 1986, China's first manicure set came out. Breaking the situation that there are zero nail clipper sets in China's hardware industry. With the rapid development of Chinese society and economy. The Chinese government has given great support to the domestic hardware industry, resulting in the emergence of a number of hardware enterprises specializing in the production of nail clipper sets.

Hardware industry has developed rapidly in China, and its product quality has reached the international advanced level. With the rising domestic market share, the domestic hardware market has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time.

What's the use of manicure sets?

Commercial use of manicure set: advertising nail clipper set, mainly used for commercial use (can be used as a gift for business gifts and product promotion, etc. )

Personal use of manicure set: it is used for personal beauty care such as trimming toenails, trimming eyebrows, removing acne and peeling skin.

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