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Sensitive Skin Oily Skin Battery Facial Cleansing Brush

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2 speed settings
deeply cleaning
full body waterproof
travel ready
battery operated
  • LD1004
  • 1: Manual cleaning brush is small and exquisite. Soft brush and silicone brush provide you with two different cleaning methods, which can effectively clean the pores and provide you with the most perfect cleaning experience.

  • 2: This high-quality cleaning brush is light and compact. Use this brush to maintain facial skin, remove impurities, dead skin, repair pores, blackheads, eliminate excess oil, and make your face healthy and beautiful.

  • 3: Very light and easy to carry. If you travel, it will be easy to place and will not take up much space.

  • 4: Use this cleansing brush to massage your face every day to improve blood circulation and collagen, and provide your skin with the best anti-aging secrets!

  • 5: This cleaning brush is suitable for all different types of skin tones, oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin. For men and women, the best beauty results can be obtained

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