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How Do I Maintain The Lint Remover?

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Blade Maintenance

  1. Regular cleaning: Clean the blade promplty after use to remover lint balls and fabric fiber residue.You can use a brush or small brush to clean to ensure the surface of the blade is clean.

  2. Blade Lubrication: A small amount of blade oil maintenance oil can be applied to the blade to keep it flexible and sharp.Be carefule not to use too much grease as this may affect normal use.

  3. Replace the blades regularly: After a long period of use, the blades will gradually wear out and become dull,so you can change the blades regularly according to your personal frequency of use to ensure the trimming effect.

Machine Maintenance

  1. Battery maintenance(if rechargeable): Charge the battery regularly and ensure its longevity.Avoid prolonged periods of non-use that may cause the battery to fail,it can be recharged at regular intervals to maintain its condition.

  2. Storage: When not in use,make sure the lint remover is stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from humidity and high temperature to avoid damage to the internal parts of the machine.

  3. Attention to safety:When using the lint shaver,avoid excessive force,collision or falling to avoid machine damage and danger!

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