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How To Choose Hair Clipper

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Choosing the right pair of hair clippers is very important whether you are a hairdresser or you are cutting your hair at home. Different hair clippers are suitable for different hair types and hair cutting techniques. Here are some tips to help you choose the right hair clipper for your needs.


Hair clippers are usually made of stainless steel or ceramic. Stainless steel hair clippers are more reasonably priced, while ceramic hair clippers are more durable and less prone to rust. Choose a hair clipper that suits your budget and needs.

Scissor blade type:

Hair clippers come in two types: straight blades and toothed blades. Straight-edged hair clippers are suitable for crisp, clean cuts, while toothed-edged hair clippers are suitable for thinning and layering. If you need to perform different hair cutting techniques, consider purchasing a multi-purpose hair clipper that has both types of blades.

Dimensions and weight:

Choose the appropriate size and weight of hair clippers based on your hand size and usage habits. A hair clipper that is too heavy or too light will affect the stability and control of hair cutting.


Choose an ergonomically designed handle to make holding your hair clipper more comfortable. The comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue and makes the hair cutting process easier.

Brand and quality:

Choose hair clippers from well-known brands or with guaranteed quality. A high-quality hair clipper not only lasts longer, but cuts hair better and is safer.

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