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The Different Between Rotary Shaver And Foil Shaver

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1. The difference in working principles

A rotary shaver cuts hair through two or three rotating blade heads. The rotation directions of the blade heads are arranged in a cross, which can better fit the facial contour and is suitable for shaving, trimming and grooming beards, sideburns and neck. and other parts.

The reciprocating shaver uses a reciprocating vibrating cutting head to achieve the shaving effect. The length and width of the cutting head are relatively large, which is suitable for shaving large areas of beard and hair.

2.Different usage methods and techniques

When using a rotary shaver, you need to place the head close to the skin and then shave in a slight circle. It does not require too much pressure. You can trim the contours such as the sideburns first and then shave the entire face.

Reciprocating razors require a larger cutting area and are suitable for shaving in a short time. When using them, you need to hold the cutter head close to the skin and shave back and forth along the shaving direction. Do not use excessive pressure.

3. Applicable groups and effects are different

Rotary shavers are suitable for men with heavier beards. They are better at processing thick beards and long beards, but they are not very friendly to people with sensitive skin.In comparison, reciprocating razors are suitable for a wider range of people. In addition to beards, they can also be used for shaving hair and armpit hair. However, due to the large size of the blade, they are not suitable for areas that are easily missed, such as sideburns use.

In general, rotary shavers pay more attention to details and finesse and are suitable for those who need to shave fixed areas, while reciprocating shavers focus on efficiency and speed and are suitable for those who want to shave quickly to use.

However, comfort may vary among different brands and models of razors, so it's crucial to choose the right razor for your skin type and needs.

4.Noise Level

Due to their different strengths and frequencies. Because the blades require a high RPM (one rotation per minute) to create a straight back and forth motion, foil shavers move fast and work hard, so they are noisy and produce a high-pitched sound.

Rotary razor blades, on the other hand, require a lower rotational speed (revolutions per minute) and therefore produce a low-frequency buzzing sound.

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