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How to maintain the manicure set?

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Manicure set products are various in style, economical and applicable, easy to carry, beautiful and generous, and the price and grade can meet the needs of high, middle and low levels, so it is widely welcomed by the market. However, while using it, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of manixure sets.

l What should I pay attention to when using a manicure set?

l How to maintain manicure sets?

l What are the advantages of manicure sets?

What should I pay attention to when using a manicure set?

1. Before nursing nails, you must wash your hands first, and then push the dead skin with a skin pusher. Slowly push out the dead skin from left to right, and finally trim the dead skin at the nail arc position with curved scissors.

2. According to your own preferences, you can use nail clippers to cut out your favorite nail shape, and then trim it with nails. Nail setback and nail must form a 45-degree angle, and move in the same direction for trimming, and circle and grind the nail inside to achieve smooth effect.

3. Always use nail polish that can strengthen the strength and toughness of nails, protect nails and promote the healthy growth of nails.

4. It is best to apply a layer of care cream or repair cream to the nails every two weeks, massage the nails and the edge skin of the nails, so that the nails have better flexibility and will not break due to dryness.

5. Massage your fingers with moisturizer every night, don't polish them frequently, it will make your nails thin.

How to maintain manicure sets?

1. Keep out of reach of children.

2. Children should use this product under the supervision of an adult.

3. This product is made of pure stainless steel, which can be wiped with soft dry cloth or cleaned with clear water, and can also be disinfected in alcohol.

4. Wipe clean with cotton cloth after each use and place in a dry place.

What are the advantages of manicure sets?

1.High quality materials. Professional nail tools are rust resistant and made of waterproof surgical stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about it.The palm is 5 inches long and the handle is comfortable. It can easily trim inner tube nails or thicker nails.

2.Practical Gift.This set of nail clips is suitable for all kinds of nails, which is convenient to carry and store. It is a tool for men, women and children.

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