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Where can I buy a right shaver?

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In fact, it can be explained clearly in a few simple words. I don't think the shaver is as expensive as possible. I should choose the best one that suits me. Some friends have fewer beards, so there is no need to buy more expensive ones.

  •  What's the classification of shavers?

  •  How to choose a right shaver?

  •  Where can I buy a right shaver?

What's the classification of shavers?

Razors can be divided into three types according to their structure: safety shavers, electric shavers and mechanical shavers.

Safety shaving knife: It consists of a blade and a hoe-shaped knife rest.

Electric shaver: The electric shaver consists of stainless steel mesh cover, inner blade, micro motor and shell.

Mechanical shaver: The mechanical energy storage mechanism is used to drive the blade to shave beard.

How to choose a right shaver?

There are many kinds of electric shavers, which are quite different in rated voltage, rated power, transmission mechanism, structural principle and price. When purchasing, we should adjust measures to local conditions and according to each person's economic situation and specific requirements.

(1)Type of cutter head.

Whether the electric shaver can clean the beard or not is the most important factor. Proper design of the cutter head can make shaving a pleasure.

At present, razor blades sold in the market can be roughly divided into three types: turbine type, wrong knife type and diaphragm type.

1. Turbine cutter head: The beard is shaved by using a rotating multi-layer blade, which is the most widely used cutter head design at present.

2. Wrong cutter head: Using the principle of staggered vibration of two metal blades, push the beard into the groove and scrape it off.

3. Net-membrane cutter head: Using dense net membrane design, it can generate rapid vibration and scrape off fine Hu slag.

(2) Number of cutter heads.

Whether the cutter head is sharp or not directly affects the shaving efficiency. In addition, the number of cutter heads is also a decisive factor.

(3) Functions.

In terms of functions, the electric shaver not only has the basic shaving function, but also has additional functions such as "cutter head cleaning display" and "power storage display". In addition, the new generation of electric shavers has also successfully developed a sideburns knife for shaving men's hair, so that men can always keep their sideburns neat.

Where can I buy a right shaver?

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